Sunday, 3 March 2013

International Mates

Manchester Roller Derby played at home against Kallio Rolling Rainbow and it was intense. We helped.

So many goodies
We also got helped out ourselves, by a glasses and shoe-robbing gremlin. 

Our advertising taskforce. 

Some pretty cool people came by the booth and let us paparazzi them buying stuff. Ferrari bows, derby rosettes and bout survival kits are this season's must-have accessories! Thanks to all our mates who came and said hi and gave us money. 

 Then it was time for some roller derby when we all remembered the point of being there. The MRD Phoenix Furies beat the Evolution Rollergirls before Kallio made their presence known by storming the A-team game.  

Everyone lined up for handslaps and then it was time for cake and whiskey.

Certificates, emotional moments and a panicked packup later, and it was partytime. There's never any point describing an afterparty, but there was Sir Mixalot, so that's that. See you next time!

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