Wednesday, 23 January 2013

In-quad-ible Origins

There have always been oddities. Hammerheads, Talking Heads, those big stone heads on Easter Island, the number-enjoying eggheads who sent dudes to the moon... there's a lot of evidence that odd works. 

Such as this lunatic. He's doing fine.

And we're pretty sure there's always been Roller Derby. The invention of the wheel, the jostling of shoulders in the Roman Forum, the bloody-mindedness of the  first crowd to enjoy a good public execution. It really can only have been leading up to one thing:

Badasses on wheels, that's what.

So here we are. When Derby and Oddness love each other very much (and oh do they ever!) that might just lead to... frustration and confusion, probably. But just this once, that union produced us.

Aren't you glad? We and our family of Sleazy Creatures (we'll introduce them soon!) made our first tentative steps into the "real" world at a triple-league bout between Lincoln, Manchester and Furness. It was intense. 

We helped.

Spice Girl brownies were gobbled, homecooked lip balm was salivated over, and best of all the Sleazy Creatures got packed off to loving new homes! 

So there it is: odder is better. We're looking forward to a weird future in the derby world, you barmy lot. 

(Badass derby girl illustration by Kali Ciesemier. Daft deer photo, who knows. The other photos are all ours!)

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