Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Pimpin' ain't easy, and neither is bout day. 

Bruises not losers.
We got to thinkin' what would be useful for those situations where surgery or doping would be overkill, but you can't quite cope under your own steam. Your body is crying out for snacks and sleep, your feet begin to train rebellious blister squads, and the sweat is washing your war paint away. 

The ideal cure isn't always the most practical.
Falling asleep in a bowl of nibbles is of course an option between jams, but come on. You can do better. All it takes is some fuel and some encouragement. And a zip, zips are important.

We've got you covered! A pretty sweet homemade bag that just wants you to get up and win, full of helpful stuff. Salty chapped lips are dig honey-flavoured (but still vegan!) lip balm, and you can crush the blister uprising with the cutest plasters you ever did see. Fuel up with some little fruity snackers, wipe away the shred-sweat and then have a lollipop. Because you deserve it. 

Yes you do, hen. Yes you do.
We'll be selling these on the stall at the MRD vs. Kallio Rolling Rainbow bout this weekend, and you can catch them from our online store too! Enjoy. 

- Ash. 

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